Welcome to ASA Technology

Your business is booming everywhere with the exception of the APAC region... you have had some success, you know its just the tip of the iceberg.... but what you really need are experienced, trust worthy "feet on the street".. people who understand the business cultures, how to navigate and help you establish a real presence leading to real growth in the region...Equally important, they understand YOUR business values and goals for the region. 

Let ASA be your team in Asia. With more than 20 years of experience in technical sales, OEM and channel development in the APAC region, technology hardware and software companies trust ASA Technology to grow and manage their business in the region.

Based in Hong Kong and founded by two US entrepreneurs in 2002, ASA has been entrusted by our vendor partners as a reliable and valued source of technologically advanced products. Once engaged with ASA, partners can expect our team to support various roles throughout the sales cycle including: prospecting, proof of concept, and channel development. Get your business expanded into Asia faster and more effectively with a team already in place to help you achieve your goals. Get connected today!